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Something new and different:

A podcast of one of my talks.


Archocentrus spinossisimus

Click on the image to see that this species "hangs" its wrigglers, a behaviour previously only reported for rainbow cichlids (Herotilpia multispinosa)


In November 1999, I took my first trip to Nicaragua to see Central American cichlids in a lake. Check it out in "Cichlids in the Wild"


Video of tubas in the wild in the Rio Puerto Veijo, Costa Rica.

Archocentrus nanoluteus

This is a male Archocentrus nanoluteus pumped up in his breeding colors because he is guarding some newly-swimming fry. I took this photo of John Luckshire's breeding pair on my recent speaking appearance at the Mid-Atlantic Cichlid Keepers.

Tomocichla tuba

A pair of Tomocichla tuba with eggs in the Rio Puerto Viejo, Heredia Province, Costa Rica. The female is on the left; she is about 9 inches in total length. The male, on the right, is about 14 inches in total length. The eggs are the yellowish patch directly underneath her head. Notice the breeding "masks" -- tubas only get these when they are breeding.


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