Tropical Ecology 2001

Trent University & Ontario Universities Program in Field Biology

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Updated: December 5, 2007

NOTE: Although this course occurred several years ago, some people find these pages a useful resource for their own tropical travels. As such I will keep updating parts as new information becomes available (e.g. new books and field guides)

Welcome to Tropical Ecology 2001. This course is being offered through Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario as part of the Ontario Universities Program in Field Biology (OUPFB). The course is open to students at Trent and other universities in Ontario. There is only one session and there is an enrollment limit of 15. This course will fill up very quickly so I suggest you act NOW if you are interested.

For details on how to sign up for this course, look at the following two pages as they evolve

You need to follow whatever enrollment procedures are posted on those pages, and please also send me an email so that I can gauge the level of interest in the course. If you would like to take this course but can't, I'd also like to hear from you and why you can't take it.

On the Main OUPFB page you will notice that there are three different OUPFB courses going to Costa Rica this coming spring. Each of these would be a great experience, but given a choice, how do you choose amongst them? Which you choose depends a lot on why you are going and what you want to see and do. The other two courses will see a greater diversity of habitats than this course. This course focuses only on the tropical rainforest. We spend a minimum of time travelling and a maximum of time in the rainforest. If what you want to experience in depth is a real tropical rainforest, we are going to the premiere tropical rainforest research field station in the world. The forest is intact and is full of what makes tropical rainforests so magical (and that includes snakes, lizards, insects, birds.... the whole works).

I offered this course in the Fall of 1999 for Trent students only and we had a blast!

This page is the main conduit for information about our forthcoming field trip to the La Selva Biological Station (Costa Rica) in May 2001. These pages will be evolving rapidly so check back frequently. If you have any questions, send me an email; odds are someone else is wondering the same thing.


What's New

April 24: I have posted photos of the class

April 13: I posted a photo of Cori and a short note from her

April 3: Cori Carveth has agreed to be our TA in Costa Rica

March 12: A few small changes here and there

February 3: Things are happening rapidly now, keep a close eye on the "Timetable" page.

January 15: I am back now from Mexico. If you have any questions, send me an email or give me a call.

January 1: Latest information added

January 1: Please note that I am out of town between January 2 and January 15 and will be unable to answer your email messages during that time, but will get to them as soon as I return.

September 29: This site created at


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