Tropical Ecology: Timetable

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Updated: April 20, 2001

Because of the unconventional nature of this course, there is an unusual timetable to which you must pay close attention. Many of the expenses have to be paid up-front and require you to purchase tickets, supply deposits, etc. Watch below for details as they become available.

As of now, the dates at La Selva are locked in. The departure time is also locked in. There may be some flexibility in the return time if people want to consider doing something else after our time at La Selva.


When What?

Once you know you are in the course, immediately contact Goliger's TravelPlus, Peterborough 1-705-745-2050 or 1-800-390-7968.

Liz Tulloch at Goliger's is the person to speak to. Their address is: 234 Charlotte St., Peterborough, Ontario K9J 2T8.

She will reserve your ticket.

Important: Once the tickets are reserved you will have seven days to submit payment to Goligers' either in the form of a cheque or a credit card number.

Be sure to use your name as it appears on your passport.

Here is our plan, all on American Airlines (AA).

Going to Costa Rica:

Note, you have to clear US Custom's prior to leaving Toronto so get there VERY early.

AA flight 343 leave Toronto (YYZ) May 1 at 6:51 am, arrive Miami (MIA) 10:05 am.

AA flight 989 leave Miami (MIA) May 1 at 10:55 am, arrive San Jose (SJO) 11:46 am

Coming home:

AA flight 988 leave San Jose (SJO) May 14 at 12:58 pm, arrive Miami (MIA) 5:48 pm

AA flight 652 leave Miami (MIA) May 14 at 7:30 pm, arrive Toronto (YYZ) at 10:51 pm.

Now! Send me a photograph of yourself. Ideally this would be a small photo of you as you currently appear and are likely to appear during the course, i.e. not a baby picture or your high school graduation photo. These photos help me to learn your names and faces more quickly. Here is a photo of me.
Mar 1

Start breaking-in your hiking boots

Start reading some of "Tropical Nature"

Return survey, disclaimer and photographs

Assignment #3 due

You should either have a passport or you should have applied by now.

Mar 7

I have decided that coordinating getting everyone together is going to be pretty much impossible.

However, I think it a good idea if people get together with those in their area so you at least gain some familiarity with each other.

So, I have divided you into three geographically based group (1: Trent; 2: Carleton & Queens; 3: Guelph and Western).

I will email you the details, but in general, I would like the members of each group to get together at least once before the trip so you can get to know each other and talk about equipment, concerns, ideas, etc.

Mar 15 Term paper theme due
April 1 Research Project idea due
Tues, May 1

Get yourself to the Toronto airport at LEAST two hours prior to the flight; board plane for San Jose, Costa Rica;

I will meet you at the airport in San Jose.

Take bus to La Selva Biological Station; arrive in mid-afternoon

May 2-May 11 See more biology than you've ever seen before. Do cool things. Get wet. Eat lots of beans and rice. Have the time of your life.
Fri, May 11 Leave La Selva and go to San Jose.
Mon, May 14

Fly home. It is possible for you to remain in Costa Rica on your own if you plan this now. Personally, I will be staying for another 10 days at La Selva to do my research.

Think about it.

May ?? Reports due to me (either postmarked or emailed)

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