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Updated: June 26, 2001

This section is entirely experimental. I am exploring the possibility of putting some of my fish video on the web. When you click on the image below, it will download about 8 seconds of video I took of a pair of tubas (Tomocichla tuba) tending their school of offspring. The video was taken in March 1999 in the Rio Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica.

Unfortunately, with a 56K modem it takes about 10 minutes to download this video. On the other hand, you've probably never seen this before!

The male is larger (14" total length) and on the right of the frame, the female (9") is on the left. At this resolution you can't see the kids; they are swarming over the ground below the parents. Notice the white "breeding mask" on each parent -- they only get this when they have kids.

There should be some sort of video box above this. If there isn't, try clicking on the following image.

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