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 Date I am constantly updating many pages such as the clubs, meetings and links pages. Below are major changes to other sections.
June 18-20, 2001 I am rapidly rebuilding the site on the new server. Please be patient. It should mostly be in place within a day or two.
June 17, 2001  We are about to embark on a major move; the whole site is switching servers so it is hard to say what will happen over the next few days. The site should be back up within a week; ideally, it will never go down and the move will be seamless.
August 3, 2000  Added a page on Anatomy including some cool images of cleared and stained cichlids.
August 1, 2000 Added Cichlid Art page.  
July 19, 2000 I added sound to the Welcome page. Ideally I would like all the pages to have substantial audio components but unfortunately the file sizes are far too large at present.
June 30, 2000 I am slowly overhauling many of the pages and adding more graphics and easier navigation. Also, the "Daring Defenses" exhibit is done so that page has been removed.
May 20, 2000  New page on hybrid cichlids
May 6, 2000  Ichthyology 2000; a new page devoted to a course I am teaching this fall at the University of California, Berkeley.
May 5, 2000 "Daring Defenses: Fishes Tales of Survival" a new page
Apr. 28, 2000

Ten Misconceptions and Fallacies about Fish Keeping.

New article in the Keeping Cichlids in an Aquarium section

Apr. 23, 2000

Cichlids in the Classroom

I have started a new page devoted to using cichlid fishes in the classroom. I welcome your comments, suggestions and ideas.

Mar. 18, 2000

Parrot Cichlids

Because I get so many questions on parrot cichlids, I put up a brief page to answer some of the most common questions about them.

Dec. 10, 1999


I've added several new pages to describe my recent trip to Nicaragua to see Neotropical cichlids that live in volcanic lakes.

Oct. 15, 1999

Egg crate

I've added a section to the "Tips" page on using egg crate dividers.

Oct. 6, 1999


I've made a first step towards presenting some cichlids on video. This page is accessible from the main menu page by clicking the image of the tubas in the river.

Oct. 5, 1999

Science Portal

I have added a new page "Science Portal" which provides links to diverse sources of scientific information. It is found under "Further Information" on the main page.

Sep. 1, 1999

A Piscine Puzzler

Try your hand at the new brain-teaser under the "Fun" section.

Aug. 13, 1999

Even More New Pages

A new page on disease.

Aug. 5, 1999 

More New Pages and Reorganization

I have recently modified/updated/reorganized almost every page on the Cichlid Research Home Page to make it a much more coherently organized source of information. New or heavily modified pages include "Identify your cichlid", "Cichlid Literature", "Parent Size and Brood Care", "Setting up a simple South American Cichlid Aquarium" and "Cichlids in the Wild" pages. These pages will continue to evolve.

Jul. 23, 1999

New Pages

I have added several pages: "Becoming a Cichlid Researcher", "Overview of My Research" and modified others, like "Photograph Check". The "Links" and "Clubs" pages are being modified constantly.

 Jul. 20, 1999

ACA Convention Photos

I have posted some photos from the recent American Cichlid Association Convention in Detroit.

 Jul. 8, 1999

Egg Data

At long last, I am updating the Egg Project data. The recent contributors list is up-to-date and the actual egg data table will be updated within a week. We have now surpassed the 220 species mark! Thanks to all those who have contributed.

Remember that pages like the links page and clubs pages are updated almost daily so I don't bother to put a notice here about updates.

Apr. 19, 1999


I verified all links on Link Page. I continue to do this every few months. If you find a broken link, let me know.

Apr. 18, 1999

Translation of Cichlid Research Home Page into Czech

Jiri Plistil of the Czech Republik has undertaken the task of translating the Cichlid Research Home Page into the Czech language. See the translation here.

Mar. 28, 1999

Cichlid Research: State of the Art

For the time being, I have added a link to my current book project. Mostly this information will be of use to the contributing authors. This volume should be available in the Fall of 1999.

Feb. 10, 1999

New Look

The Cichlid Research Home Page now has a much nicer background image, much more reminiscent of real water, particularly where I work in Costa Rica. It takes a while to load but this should only occur once, after which it will be cached by your browser. Let me know if the load time is too long. I've also been updating club, links and the cichlid introduction pages.

Jan. 5, 1999

New Year

I have added some material to the Introducing Cichlids section, notably a list of books I recommend to people seeking more information. In the future, when I get time, I will add a much more extensive list of cichlid books and literature. I have also added explanatory material to the phylogeny page. I have done an extensive overhaul of the clubs and links pages, verifying and updating each and every link and adding many new ones.

Dec. 11, 1998


A number of people have asked me why their browsers keep telling them that there are changes on various of my web pages but this area doesn't indicate anything new. The reason is that I only post larger changes here. Minor stuff like new links or updates to the meetings section etc are done almost daily and are too numerious to list here.

 Sep. 21, 1998


I have fixed a few bad pages, e.g., the jurupari and embryo projects which got messed up in the move to the new domain. I also continually update the club and meeting sections. If there is something that you would like to see, let me know. I've got a long list of things "to do" but if people want something in particular I can bump it up on the priority list.

 May 30, 1998

Name Servers Working!

It took a bit of work, but the fish name servers are working again and as an added bonus, the output is now much easier to understand.

 May 29, 1998

Introducing Cichlids

I added a new page to the main menu introducing cichlids discussing what they are, where they are found and a bit about the diversity of cichlids.

 May 24, 1998

New Look

I've been updating the look of the Cichlid Research Home Page. New banners and trailers will make navigation easier.

Known bugs: the fish name server still doesn't work If anything else doesn't work, please let me know ASAP.

 May 3, 1998

New Email

My new email address is

Ron Coleman <rcoleman@cichlidresearch.com>

May 2, 1998

New Address

The Cichlid Research Home Page is now at its new and permanent location, namely "http://cichlidresearch.com". I now have a lot more webspace and this should allow me to do a number of things I've wanted to do for some time, but didn't have the space.

Stay tuned.

For the first week of May there may be some glitches, but after that everything should work as before. Please let me know if it doesn't and I will try to fix it ASAP.

Feb. 22, 1998

Egg Project Hits 200 species

Another major milestone has been reached! I now have measured eggs from 200 species of cichlids. The amazing thing is that there are still lots of cichlids in the hobby, even relatively common ones, from which I don't have eggs. Take a look at the list and see if you are breeding something not on it. If you need vials, just send me a note and I will mail you some. On to 250!!

Jan. 1, 1998

New Year, new ideas

In the next little while you should see some much needed updating and improvements to the Cichlid Research Home Page. The Egg Project continues to be a phenomenal success, far exceeding my initial expectations. Together we have almost all of the major groups of cichlids at least represented, though there are still many species available in the hobby from which we do not have samples.

Because of the success of the Cichlid Egg Project, I have decided to expand the scope of the project to include ALL FISH -- that's right -- ALL FISH. The dataset we have collected for cichlids is so good and so useful that I think the time is right to attack fish in general and try to vastly increase our knowledge of fish reproduction. If you are interested, let me know.

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