Cichlid Names

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Updated: July 17, 2003

Please note: this is an old page in great need of an update. I will be updating it soon.

To use this page, use the Find (Ctrl-F) feature of your browser to search for a word that you know. For example, if you Ctrl-F and enter "oscar", your browser should take you to the line that shows that oscar is the common name for Astronotus ocellatus.

This page contains several lists of common names and is a work in progress.

1. Some common names

2. The AFS list of common names for cichlids

1. Some Common names

A. Grouped by common name alphabetically

blackbelt Theraps maculicauda

bumblebee cichlid Psuedotropheus crabro

convict Archocentrus nigrofasciatus; Cichlasoma nigrofasciatum

kribensis Pelvicachromis pulcher

oscar Astronotus ocellatus

B. Grouped by cichlid type

Archocentrus nigrofasciatus convict cichlid

Pseudotropheus crabro bumblebee cichlid

2. AFS List of Common Names

The common names listed below are the "official" common names as cited in Robin's et al. 

Unfortunately, many of them are not the names used in the aquarium hobby. 

Scientific Name              Common Name              Reference (see end)
_______________________      ___________              ________
Acarichthys heckeli          threadfin acara          AFS21
Acaronia nassa               bigeye cichlid           AFS21
Aequidens awani              golden acara             AFS21
Aequidens curviceps          flag acara               AFS21
Aequidens dorsiger           redbreast acara          AFS21
Aequidens duopunctatus       doublespot acara         AFS21
Aequidens itanyi             dolphin cichlid          AFS21
Aequidens latifrons          platinum acara           AFS21
Aequidens maroni             keyhole cichlid          AFS21
Aequidens metae              yellow acara             AFS21
Aequidens pulcher            blue acara               AFS21
Aequidens rivulatus          green terror             AFS21
Aequidens sapayensis         Sapayo cichlid           AFS21
Aequidens tetramerus         saddle cichlide          AFS21
Aequidens vittatus           banded acara             AFS21
Apistogramma amoenum         pleasant cichlid         AFS21
Apistogramma boreellii       umbrella cichlid         AFS21
Apistogramma cacatuoides     cockatoo cichlid         AFS21
Apistogramma commbrae        Corumba cichlid          AFS21
Apistogramma pertense        Amazon dwarf cichlid     AFS21
Astatoreochromis straeleni   bluelip haplo            AFS21
Astronotus ocellatus         oscar                    AFS20
Aulonocara nyassae           emperor cichlid          AFS21
Biotodoma cupido             greenstreaked eartheater AFS21
Biotodoma wavrini            Orinoco eartheater       AFS21
Boulengerochromis microlepis giant cichlid            AFS21
Cichla ocellaris             peacock cichlid          AFS20
Cichla temensis              speckled pavon           AFS21
Cichlasoma alfari            pastel cichlid           AFS21
Cichlasoma aureum            golden cichlid           AFS21
Cichlasoma beani             green guapote            AFS21
Cichlasoma bimaculatum       black acara              AFS20
Cichlasoma citrinellum       midas cichlid            AFS20
Cichlasoma cyanoguttatum     Rio Grande cichlid       AFS20
Cichlasoma facetum           chanchito                AFS21
Cichlasoma festae            Guayas cichlid           AFS21
Cichlasoma friedrichsthali   yellowjacket cichlid     AFS21
Cichlasoma haitiense         Haitian cichlid          AFS21
Cichlasoma maculicauda       blackbelt cichlid        AFS21
Cichlasoma managuense        jaguar guapote           AFS20
Cichlasoma meeki             firemouth cichlid        AFS20
Cichlasoma nicaraguense      moga                     AFS21
Cichlasoma nigrofasciatum    convict cichlid          AFS20
Cichlasoma octofasciatum     Jack Dempsey             AFS20
Cichlasoma salvini           yellowbelly cichlid      AFS21
Cichlasoma spilurum          blue-eye cichlid         AFS21
Cichlasoma synspilum         redhead cichlid          AFS21
Cichlasoma temporale         emerald cichlid          AFS21
Cichlasoma trimaculatum      threespot cichlid        AFS21
Cichlasoma urophthalmus      Mayan cichlid            AFS20
Cichlasoma zaliosum          arrow cichlid            AFS21
Crenicara filamentosum       chessboard cichlid       AFS21
Crenicara punctulatum        checkerboard cichlid     AFS21
Crenicichla dorsocellata     eyespot pike cichlid     AFS21
Crenicichla geayi            halfbanded pike cichlid  AFS21
Crenicichla lepidota         pike cichlid             AFS21
Crenicichla saxatilis        ringtail pike cichlid    AFS21
Cyathopharynx furcifer       featherfin cichlid       AFS21
Cyphotilapia frontosa        humphead cichlid         AFS21
Etroplus maculatus           orange chromide          AFS21
Etroplus suratensis          green chromide           AFS21
Geophagus acuticeps          sharphead eartheater     AFS21
Geophagus brasiliensis       pearl eartheater         AFS21
Geophagus camopiensis        Oyapock eartheater       AFS21
Geophagus crassilabrus       Panamanian eartheater    AFS21
Geophagus daemon             threespot eartheater     AFS21
Geophagus harreri            Maroni eartheater        AFS21
Geophagus jurupari           demon eartheater         AFS21
Geophagus pellegrini         yellowhump eartheater    AFS21
Geophagus steindachneri      redhump eartheater       AFS21
Geophagus surinamensis       redstripped eartheater   AFS20
Gymnogeophagus australis     Uruguayan eartheater     AFS21
Gymnogeophagus balzani       Argentine humphead       AFS21
Gymnogeophagus gymnogenys    smoothcheek eartheater   AFS21
Gymnogeophagus rhabdotus     stripefin eartheater     AFS21
Haplochromis compressiceps   Malawi eyebiter          AFS21
Haplochromis mellandi        snaileater               AFS21
Hemichromis bimaculatus      African jewelfish        AFS20
Hemichromis fasciatus        banded jewelfish         AFS21
Hemitilapia oxyrhyncha       giant haplochromis       AFS21
Heros severus                banded cichlid           AFS21
Herotilapia multispinosa     rainbow cichlid          AFS21
Iodotropheus sprengerae      lavender mbuna           AFS21
Julidochromis ornatus        golden julie             AFS21
Julidochromis regani         convict julie            AFS21
Julidochromis transcriptus   masked julie             AFS21
Konia dikume                 dikume                   AFS21
Konia eisentrauti            konye                    AFS21
Labeotropheus fuelleborni    blue mbuna               AFS21
Labeotropheus trewavasae     scrapermouth mbuna       AFS21
Lamprologus tetracanthus     fourspine cichlid        AFS21
Limnochromis auritus         spangled cichlid         AFS21
Melanochromis johanni        bluegray mbuna           AFS21
Melanochromis vermivorus     purple mbuna             AFS21
Mesonauta festivus           flag cichlid             AFS21
Microgeophagus ramirezi      ram cichlid              AFS21
Myaka myaka                  myaka                    AFS21
Nannacara anomala            goldeneye cichlid        AFS21
Pelvicachromis pulcher       rainbow krib             AFS21
Petrochromis trewavasae      threadfin cichlid        AFS21
Pseudotropheus auratus       golden mbuna             AFS21
Pseudotropheus elongatus     elongate mbuna           AFS21
Pseudotropheus zebra         zebra mbuna              AFS21
Pterophyllum scalare         freshwater angelfish     AFS21
Pungu mclareni               pungu                    AFS21
Serranochromis angusticeps   thinface cichlid         AFS21
Steatocranus casuarius       lionhead cichlid         AFS21
Stomatepia mariae            nsess                    AFS21
Stomatepia mongo             mongo                    AFS21
Stomatepia pindu             pindu                    AFS21
Symphysodon aequifasciatus   blue discus              AFS21
Symphysodon discus           red discus               AFS21
Tanganicodus irsacae         spotfin goby cichlid     AFS21
Tilapia alcalica             Magadi tilapia           AFS21
Tilapia andersoni            threespot tilapia        AFS21
Tilapia aurea                blue tilapia             AFS20
Tilapia caroli               fissi                    AFS21
Tilapia galilaea             mango tilapia            AFS21
Tilapia karomo               karomo                   AFS21
Tilapia linnelli             blackfin tilapia         AFS21
Tilapia lohbergeri           keppi                    AFS21
Tilapia macrochir            longfin tilapia          AFS21
Tilapia mariae               spotted tilapia          AFS20
Tilapia melanotheron         blackchin tilapia        AFS20
Tilapia mortimeri            Kariba tilapia           AFS21
Tilapia mossambica           Mozambique tilapia       AFS20
Tilapia nilotica             Nile tilapia             AFS21
Tilapia placida              black tilapia            AFS21
Tilapia rendalli             redbreast tilapia        AFS21
Tilapia sparrmani            banded tilapia           AFS21
Tilapia steinbachi           kululu                   AFS21
Tilapia urolepis             Wami tilapia             AFS20
Tilapia zilli                redbelly tilapia         AFS20
Trematocranus jacobfriebergi fairy cichlid            AFS21
Tropheus moorei              blunthead cichlid        AFS21
Uaru amphiacanthoides        uaru                     AFS21

AFS20 = Robins, C.R. (1991) Common and Scientific Names of Fishes from the United States and Canada. American Fisheries Society Special Publication 20

AFS21 = Robins, C.R. (1991) World Fishes Important to North Americans. American Fisheries Society Special Publication 21

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