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Updated: July 22, 2002

January 2002. Cichlids and Science: Powerful Predators.
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October 2001. Cichlids and Science: The Riddle of Lake Victoria.
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April 2001. Cichlids and Science: Bad Cichlids? Cichlid News
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January 2001. Cichlids and Science: Feeding Frenzy. Cichlid 
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July 2000. Cichlids and Science: Food for Thought. Cichlid 
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April 2000. Cichlids and Science: Nest for Success. Cichlid 
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January 2000. Cichlids and Science: Revealing Relationships. Cichlid
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October 1999. Cichlids and Science: Speculating about Species. Cichlid
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July 1999. Cichlids and Science: Choosing a Mate. Cichlid News 8(3): 32-34
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April 1999. Cichlids and Science: Fighting. Cichlid News 8(2): 32-33
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January 1999. Cichlids and Science: Mysterious Mouthbrooders. Cichlid News
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July 1998. Cichlids and Science: Enigmatic Eggs. Cichlid News 7(3): 32-33
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April 1998. Cichlids and Science: Something Old Doing Something New. 
     Cichlid News 7(2): 30-31
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January 1998. Cichlids and Science: The Color Conundrum.  Cichlid News 7(1):
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October 1997. Cichlids and Science: That Amazing Mouth.  Cichlid News 6(4):
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July 1997. Cichlids and Science: Sex determination.  Cichlid News 6(3): 20-21
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April 1997. Cichlids and Science: Whose kids are those anyway? Cichlid News
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January 1997. Cichlids and Science: How Old is Lake Victoria? Cichlid News
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