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Updated: July 14, 2005

The idea behind this email directory is to facilitate communication amongst hobbyists and scientists. The problem is that once your address is public, you cannot control who sends you messages. For me that isn't a problem: I find it easy to hit the delete key if I get unwanted mail, but I realize this is more of a problem for other people, particularly if you pay for email on a per message basis. As such, I will not post anyone's address unless specifically requested to do so by them. If you wish to be included (or deleted), just let me know.


Blanchard, Philip
I am a hobbyist interested in South American cichlids, mainly oscars.
I have 7, two juveniles and five adults, I hope to breed them in the
near future.
Calhoun, Del D1SCALHOUN@AOL.COM (that's #1 after "D")
Interested in new world cichlids. Editor of Cichlasoma Power, the publication of the Cichlasoma Study Group.
Casey, Mike
Mike is interested in all Central and South American cichlids.
Chapman, David
Dave lives in Manteca, California and is interested in all cichlids, though particularly Mexican, Central American, and South American. He also has Hemichromis cristatus, lifalili, bimaculatus, and guttatus residing together in an 85 gallon tank. He also has several African Rift examples which he enjoys.
Coleman, Ron
Section of Evolution and Ecology, University of California, Davis, CA 95616-8755
Lots of experience with Cichlasomas. Getting interested in: Geophagines, Pikes, Madagascans. Interested in eggs, reproduction, behaviour.
Cook, Justin
Justin is interested in African cichlids and oscars. Web page:
Cundall, Christian Cundall
My experience is from the last four years starting from one single tank with the common types of fish and learning and experiencing the art of fish keeping. I now have four specialist tanks: first has two beautiful reed fish, second has six oscars (recently new tank), third has a male and female cichlid and the fourth has a collection of angel fish. My early development web site is
DeBord, Maxine
Hobbyist with 180 and 110 gallon cichlid tanks. Running wet/dry trickle filters. Love hearing from others also in the hobby.
Duzen, Bill
Bill has been in the hobby over 40 years and has maintained and bred over 100 species of cichlids (70% new world). He is currently into pike cichlids, working with Crenicichla igara and Crenicichla regani. He now has second generations of both.
Fellmy, Keith
Keith has over sixty tanks with African cichlids (from Lake Malawi and Lake Tanganyika. His big tanks have Oscars, bowfin and pictus cats. Mainly he likes Africans, but people want to see big fish when they come into his house, so he doesn't disappoint them.
He has several breeding pairs of Julidochromis. Most of his fish are growing out and will hopefully pair up.
Keith lives in Lebanon, Indiana.
Forbes, Tatjana
Tatjana is mainly interested in dwarf cichlids, Rams in particular. She and her husband have 2 tanks running, both community at this point (20 and 120 gal.). But more tanks are in the planning :-). She is interested in tips on breeding Ram cichlids and her husband is interesed in Discus. They live in Boston MA.
Gobeyn, Kris
Kris is a vet who specializes in tropical fish. He has kindly offered to answer questions about fish health.
Heijns, Willem
Interested in Central American cichlids, principally their taxonomy, phylogeny and husbandry.
Hopper, Steve
Steve's main interest is in cichlids from Lake Tanganyika. Steve is also the Species Controller for the British Cichlid Association (BCA) meaning that he maintains the list of which members are keeping which species and tries to put people with similar interests in touch with each other.
Kohn, Randall
In Chester, New Jersey, Randall is interested in dwarf cichlids, South American and West African; reproduction and water chemistry.
McGrath, Tim
Interested in cichlids.
O'Neill, Kelly
Has loved and kept fish for over 20 years. Indoor and outdoor interests. Working on creating a "Self Vacuuming" tank design. Owner of Habitat Creations; producer of stoneware sculpture for fish, other critters, home and garden. ACA, PCCA, Club Snail member. Giant soap-bubble performer.
Pardy, Bill
Lives in Stratford Ontario; has a 135 gal aquarium with a colony of Frontosa. Interested in info on possible tank mates for the Frontosas. Also breeds bushynose plecos.
Reppert, John
Interested in Amazonian cichlids, especially Apistogramma. He is currently working with P. altum and Biotodoma cupido and hopes to breed them. Any advice appreciated.
Sersch, Cindy Lynn
Cindy Lynn has several community tanks and is currently working on breeding frontosas. She is also partial to synodontis cats, particularly the beautiful multipunctatus, and also has 19 corydoras adolfi and multiple other farrowellas, gold dot pleco, clown loaches, etc
Shilling, Joshua
Avid breeder/collector of Central and South American cichlids. Currently working with Chocolate cichlids (temporalis), unknown pike species, unknown acara species, Acarichthys heckelli, Biotodoma cupido, Satanoperca daemon. Interested in eartheaters, acaras, pikes and cichlisomine cichlids. Working on a project to "catalog" fish stores in the Oklahoma, Missouri, Dallas, and Arkansas area which specialize in cichlids.
Sipkins, Charles
Malawi cichlids. Also interested in aquarium maitenance issues.
Watson, David
David is a water quality specialist who is just getting into keeping Lake Malawi cichlids.
Williams, Daryl
I am interested in all cichlids, and would eventually like to have breeding pairs of one or two species for each of the major biogeographic groups. I am currently running mostly community tanks of African lake fishes and riverine south americans, but am also getting involved in breeding Apistogramma species for conservation. This is a project undertaken by our local aquarium club. I intend to get more involved with preservation of endangered species in the future.
Zezza, Francesco
I live in Rome (Italy) and am a member of AIC (Associazione
Italiana Ciclidofili). I am currently maintaining several tanks:
1)360 lt (96 US Gals) All M'buna from Lake Malawi, mostly wild
caught in 1997, many have spawned. (I.e.: Pseudotropheus sp. "Msobo"
from Lupono Bay - Tanzania) plus a trio of H. nyererei (F2 from Lake
Victoria) with moderate plantings (Anubias sp.).
2) 300 lt (78 US gals) Only Utakas and a Synodontis Nyassae (wild c.) plus a
small (1 inch) pleco. Moderate planting and lighting.
3) 260 lt (71 US gals) divided in two sections: at right T. Meeki pair; at
left H. lifalili pair plus some catfishes (namely: Corydoras adolfoi and
"Gold Nugget" Pleco, four each, all wild caugh. Moderate planting.
4) 200 lt (52 US gals) Service tank to house newborns and two BIG (over 1
foot each) suckermouth catfihses. No plants at all.
5) 125 lt (33 Us gals) Service tank as above. No plants at all.
6) 35 ly (9,5 Us gals) emergengy/hospital tank luckily seldom used but
"unavoidable" in the long run ... Also used to quarantine new fishes.
Zilliox, Don
In the hobby about 15 years and mostly breeding smaller New World cichlids such as Apistogramma and Cichlasoma with a few West Africans. Starting in on Crenicichla next. Using RO water in 75% in my tanks



Coleman, Ron
Dept. Integrative Biology, University of California, Berkeley, CA 94720 Working on egg size evolution in cichlids, particularly neotropicals. Always looking for eggs as part of the Cichlid Egg Project.
Meijide, Fernando
Departamento de Ciencias Biologicas. Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales. Universidad de Buenos Aires. Ciudad Universitaria. Pabellon 2. 4 to. piso. 1428. Buenos Aires. Argentina. Interested in embryonic and larval development of cichlids.  
Miller, Gary
De Montfort University (United Kingdom). Gary is working on 3D analysis of spatial distribution and motion in cichlid fishes. He is using time-lapse video and stochastic geometry techniques for his DPhil. research.
Pérez, Gustavo Alcides Concheiro
I am just starting my PhD at University of Nebraska at Lincoln and likely will be pursing something to do with molecular phylogenies.
Shoko, Amon
I am a Masters student at the University of Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, East Africa. I am doing my studies by Research specializing in Aquaculture Nutrition, particularly Oreochromis variabilis.


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