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Updated: September 30, 2010

This index is arranged into cichlid-oriented clubs and general clubs. The latter may often contain many members interested in cichlids. If you know of any other information than that listed below, please let me know and I will be happy to add it.

Also, If you notice any outdated or incorrect information, please let me know. Thanks.

Other indeces of clubs:

Cichlid Clubs, Societies and Associations

National and International Cichlid Clubs

American Cichlid Association

Apistogramma Study Group (no longer operating?)

Association France Cichlid - AFC - French Cichlid Association

Associazione Italiana Ciclidofili - AIC - Italian Cichlid Association

Belgian Cichlid Association (ABCV)

British Cichlid Association

Canadian Cichlid Association (CCA) (no longer operating?)

Canadian Rift Lake Cichlid Associates, Inc

Cichlasoma Study Group

Finnish Cichlid Associaton (Ciklidistit r.y.)

German Cichlid Association (Deutsche Cichliden Gesellschaft)

Grupo Mexicano de Ciclidofilos (no longer operating)

Netherlands Cichlid Society (nederlandse vereniging van cichlidenliefhebbers)

Nordic Cichlid Society (Nordiska ciklidsällskapet)

South American Cichlid Study Group (SACSG)


Local Cichlid Clubs (Canada and USA)

Capital Cichlid Association (CCA)

Cichlid Society of Southern California (CSSC)

Great Lakes Cichlid Society (GLCS)

Greater Chicago Cichlid Association (GCCA)

Illinois Cichlids and Scavengers

Michigan Cichlid Association

Mid-Atlantic Cichlid Keepers (MACK)

Ohio Cichlid Association

Pacific Coast Cichlid Association

Rocky Mountain Cichlid Association

St. Petersburg Cichlid Association (no longer operating?)

Texas Cichlid Association

Local Cichlid Clubs (Australia)

New South Wales Cichlid Society

New South Wales Cichlid Society -- Illawarra Branch

Perth Cichlid Society

Queensland Cichlid Group Inc.

Victorian Cichlid Society inc.

Local Cichlid Clubs (Germany)

Deutsch Cichliden-Gesellschaft e.V Region Niederrhein

Local Cichlid Clubs (United Kingdom)

Greater Mancester Cichlid Society

Yorkshire Cichlid Group

General Aquarium Clubs, Societies and Associations

General National Aquarium Clubs, Societies and Associations


American Killifish Association

American LiveBearer Association

Canadian Association of Aquarium Clubs (CAOAC)

F.A.A.S (Federation of American Aquarium Societies)

International Killifish Association

North American Fish Breeders Guild

Northeast Council of Aquarium Societies

Rainbowfish Study Group of North America

General Local Aquarium Clubs, Societies and Associations (Canada)

Aquarium Society of Winnipeg

Association Regionale des Aquariophiles de Quebec

Durham Region Aquarium Society

Hamilton & District Aquarium Society

Montreal Aquarium Society


Saskatoon Aquarium Society

General Local Aquarium Clubs, Societies and Associations (USA)


Aquarium Club of Lancaster County (South Central Pennsylvania)

Atlanta Area Aquarium Association (AAAA)

Big Island Aquarium Society (Hilo, Hawaii)

Boston Aquarium Society

Brooklyn Aquarium Society

COAST (California Organization of Aquatic Show Tropicals)

Central Wisconsin Aquarists Society (CWAS) (?)

Cleveland Aquarium Society

Coastal Aquarium Society

Columbus Area Fish Enthusiasts (CAFE)

Delaware County Aquarium Society

Gold Coast Aquarium Club of South Florida (GCASSF)

Greater Cincinnati Aquarium Society (GCAS)

Greater City Aquarium Society (New York)

Greater Iowa Aquarium Association (defunct?)

The Greater Orlando Aquarium Society

Greater Pittsburgh Aquarium Aquarium Society (GPASI)

Greater Portland Aquarium Society

Greater Seattle Aquarium Society

Long Island Aquarium Society (LIAS)

Lorain County Aquarium Society

Medina County Aquarium Society

Milwaukee Aquarium Society

Minnesota Aquarium Society

Missouri Aquarium Society

North Jersey Aquarium Society (NJAS)

NY-Penn Council Home Page

Potomac Valley Aquarium Society

Raleigh Aquarium Society

Sacramento Aquarium Society

San Diego Tropical Fish Society (SDTFS)

San Francisco Aquarium Society

Silicon Valley Aquarium Society (SVAS)

Tampa Bay Aquarium Society

Tropical Fish Club of Erie County

Tropical Fish Society of Rhode Island

Youngstown Area Tropical Fish Society


Aalborg Aquarium Society (Denmark)

Specialized Clubs, Societies and Associations

Specialized Local Aquarium Clubs, Societies and Associations (USA)

SEABay (San Francisco)

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