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Updated: October 12, 2010

Advertise your upcoming speakers

If you want to let people know about an upcoming speaker at your club, send me the information and I will post it.

I can speak at your club

If you are interested in having me (Ron Coleman) speak at your club, send an email to me at

I have three current talks

"Costa Rican Cichlids: Life in the Fast Lane" (PowerPoint or Slides)

"From the Mountains to the Sea -- Costa Rican rivers" (Mpeg video and Powerpoint)

"Brazil 2003" (Mpeg video and Powerpoint)

and I am putting together a talk on southern Mexico (Oaxaca and Chiapas). Ask if you are interested.

I am a member of the American Cichlid Association Speaker Program, and you can find out about having the ACA help sponsor my talk at your club.

In the past I have spoken at the American Cichlid Association Convention (1995), Mid-Atlantic Cichlid Keepers (MACK), California Association of Aquatic Show Tropicals (COAST), Ohio Cichlid Association, Greater Chicago Cichlid Association, Greater Pittsburgh Aquarium Society Inc (GPASI), Greater Portland Aquarium Society (GPAS), North Jersey Aquarium Society (NJAS), Southern California Cichlid Association (SCCA), Chicago Cichlid Classic (2000), Sacramento Aquarium Society (SAS), San Francisco Aquarium Society (SFAS), Pacific Coast Cichlid Association (PCCA), Cichlid Society of Southern California (CSSC), Canadian Cichlid Association (CCA), Silicon Valley Aquarium Society, the Winnipeg Aquarium Society, the Ohio Cichlid Extravaganza and the SAS FinDig.

Recent talks....COAST (California Organization of Aquatic Show Tropicals), March 4, 2007; Pacific Coast Cichlid Association March 10, 2007; Greater Portland Aquarium Society, March 24, 2007; Greater Chicago Cichlid Association, Cichlid Classic, May 22?, 2007; ACA All-Stars Live II, July 7, everywhere! (; American Cichlid Association 2007 Convention, Sacramento, July 19, 2007, Minnesota Aquarium Society, June 5, 2008, American Cichlid Association 2008, Greater Cincinnati Aquarium Society (Sept 28, 2008), Pacific Coast Cichlid Association (February 14, 2009), San Franscisco Aquarium Society (March 6, 2009), Sacramento Aquarium Society (March 7, 2009), Great Salt Lake Aquarium Society (June 11, 2009), Sacramento Aquariu Society (November 7, 2009), Winnipeg Aquarium Society (Feb 21, 2010), Pacific Coast Cichlid Association (March 13, 2010), Greater Chicago Cichlid Association (April 11, 2010), Circle City Aquarium Club (September 25, 2010).

My upcoming talks...

My next scheduled talks will be....

November 7: COAST (Costa Mesa, CA)

Local Club News...

Pacific Coast Cichlid Association

Next PCCA meeting will be Saturday, November 13, 2010
Greg Steeves will be speaking on "Lake Victoria"
General PCCA info and upcoming speakers  

Sacramento Aquarium Society

Next SAS meeting will be Saturday, November 6, 2010.
Brian Perkins
will be speaking on "Collecting with the Collectors in Southern Peru. An overview of some recent expeditions and discoveries"

SAS meetings are held on the first Saturday of the month at The Round Table Pizza at 9500 Greenback Lane (intersection of Greenback Lane and Madison Avenue). Meetings start at 7:00pm SAS info

The 2010 ACA Convention was held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The 2011 ACA Convention will be held July 21-24 in Washington, DC.

Other Club News...


Ohio Cichlid Extravaganza

The Ohio Cichlid Extravaganza 2010 will be held November 19-21, 2010 in the Strongsville, Ohio area. Put it on your calender ... it's a great event!

Speakers, show, auction Contact: Marc A. DeWerth at


National News...

American Cichlid Association -- Annual Convention

The 2009 ACA Convention was held July 30-August 2 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The 2010 ACA Convention was held July 22-25 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The 2011 ACA Convention will be held July 21-24 in Maryland.

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