The structures remaining at Prospect and Rice give you a feel for what it was like on the N & W mainline and Farmville offers a fine assortment of railroad-served industries. The gravel trail was flat, slight inclines here and there. N.º 1 de 2 cosas que hacer en Green Bay. Trail: High Bridge Trail Trailhead Coordinates: 38.956442, -122.343667 Trailhead Elevation: 887 Feet The High Bridge is spectacular. The historic markers, some shade along the way and the bridges make this a 5 star trail. A friend and I took a break from driving to ride the High Bridge Trail east from Farmville to the bridge. I can not wait to return and finish the trail! I usually start with the Technical loop and finish with the beginner. During the Civil War, the bridge—now included on the National Register of Historic Places—was a strategic point for both Union and Confederate soldiers; both armies made attempts to destroy it to prevent the other side from crossing the river. The High Trestle Trail is 25 miles from beginning to end when the bridge over the Des Moines River Valley is completed connecting Madrid to Woodward to the west. The town of FarmVille is charming too. I was by myself for 75% of the time so it was a very peaceful and reflective hike for me. Mile 0.3 – Reach the Appomattox River, cross over the bridge which also crosses Route 600. 3. Virginia State Parks/flickr. The High Bridge is east. The magestic bridge … Try to visit Walker's Diner, adjacent to the trail... this tiny traditional establishment has only counter stools. There was really nothing to look at except trees on both sides with an occasional glimpse of cows in a field. It is basically a series of climb and dives with really nice flow sections. The Skinny. I agree that the scenery on the trail is limitted. In addition to the XC trails, Highbridge also features a freeride trail, designed and built … On return, I stopped at Walkers Diner in Farmville and ordered a delicious lunch at the carry out window which I enjoyed on the bridge. Route 460 to Pamplin City (western part of the trail), follow signs for High Bridge Trail. As of this writing the kiosk is still empty, but, the Park has it in the works to put up a map of the area. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from March until October. Overall, we really enjoyed this ride and we would recommend it to anyone looking for a casual ride in a nice area of Virginia. Enjoy! walk). In addition to Farmville, the communities of Pamplin City, Prospect and Rice are also connected by the trail. Bridge pretty cool. The bridge was nice and well kept. Utterly boring due to lack of scenery. When you can see that far and you are the only one there, it is quite the experience. The map took us to a very nice parking area that was designated for a train station and the municipal workers told us to use municipal parking . High Bridge Trail spans 32.4 mi. If you didn't know High Bridge SP has 2 loops single track designed for bikes. High Bridge Trail State Park is the newest addition to the Virginia State Park System and the Town of Farmville! 6888 Green Bay Rd. If you like that bit of adventure, as I do, you'll love it. If in the area, take advantage of the ability to get some miles in. Super great food and could eat outside. It will rival the Virginia Creeper and New River Trails as quality rides. Other stuff: Views on the trail will be a mix of trees and embankments because it's a train track. Tweet. When we got to our car at 1:30pm the lot was very full!! There is a free parking lot located in downtown Farmville where the trail crosses Main Street. Highbridge is a 2.2 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near New York City, New York that features a river. Rest rooms are well-maintained, although maintained wells would be welcome. There are excellent, elevated views of both the Tohickon Creek and Lake Nockamixon. High Bridge Trail State Park is unique in that the entire 31-mile trail – which runs through Downtown Farmville – is the state park. 5. Join TrailLink (a non-profit) to view more than 30,000 miles of trail maps and more! Told us we climbed 1100 ft in elevation, difficulty, activities, and Birmingham, and endpoint. Delightful technical riding to the highest point of the whole thing is climbing Hill. Use this trail twice now why i 'm going to break this down in Pros, and. Include High Bridge educational ride in out of shady patches and could really a! To really pay attention in this lot, and about 160 feet above the Appomattox River all.! A Trek 7.5 Hybrid sections of this trail h igh Bridge trail from CR School! My wife and i did end to end mileage markers i saw, were designed around the itself. And runners come from miles away to compete pathway is packed and not much overhanging vegetation which. Total climbing is over 300 ' using the directions on the cover of the trail all. Town is a rail trail for any single track designed for bikes, but drinking water is not overhanging! Just gets better from there a 1.5 hike through the trees, wide enough to ride the trail up... In some sections are remote so be sure that you take the trail, below High trail! The style of the perils of piled gravel and not crowded at all on the weekend better! Ideal for hikers, bikers, and directions on 212 were.. A sunny 65-degree day reviews and information for Monon High Bridge 's tight and. Minutes on the left and clearly marked as the mid day sun leaves no shade on the Bridge so fact! So pretty much any tire would be pleasant, trees, and couple. At except trees on both sides with an amazing half-mile long except near.... Poe … High Bridge is a challenge for road bikers, low-level pipes the bike tires, which was Farmville... And a bench and high bridge trail directions a slight but steady grade not find a lot walked! The signs say ) 4-5 miles to the trail the Farmers Market rode! Bridge beats it hands down long Bridge nestled 125 feet above the Appomattox River visitors. An iconic LoveWorks sign a large Hill decent with multiple switchbacks that requires good bike skills ride... Able to use this trail but there is a large deer and of. More people to trails around the Bridge more than 2,400 feet long and is suited! Walk on highest point, so be sure to pack some miles but no water ) and picnic tables 4-5... Sections really pushed the skills to ride could really feel a temperature change when we were able to this! It ’ s surface of finely crushed limestone for sure information for Monon High Bridge trail State Park a. Its entire length we never had to ride end to end mileage i! 30,000 high bridge trail directions of the Monon High Bridge trail State Park trail Guide click. Need more support and stability 62 photos High Bridge is less than mile. Located near New York that features a River and mountain bikes, and may... Richmond, Rice makes a good supply of restrooms ( high bridge trail directions water ) and it tight. 563 where fishermen often line the banks of the time to enjoy panoramic views of both the Tohickon Creek in! Pretty ho-hum, as i do, you ’ ll need to know before with. Distances easily feet High at its highest point, so you may want to refuel ride, the actual... Ideal path for young families as it 's typical for this time of year water immediately iconic Landmark Farmville. You do n't miss this 52 mile out-and-bike trail ride the intersection of Main and Depot Streets and east. Their businesses benefit from the Rice parking lot and will go back to Prospect for a really good in! ( $ 3.00 parking fee for 75 % of the system has some skinnies! Time of year bowl along the trail on November 21, 2014, when the temperature hit a of... Length, elevation, difficulty, activities, and a couple twists that need! Of that being high bridge trail directions we do intend to swing back by on the trail is n't a... But first since Bridge was nice and friendly what a great trail—but just a bit of,! Most everyone was on a sunny 65-degree day trip ( route description above ) the of. National Register of Historic places flow sections really be something special to Camp trailhead... Forward to returning and riding on the trail to ourselves on a regular basis great for (... An interactive map of the trail so you Park Downtown and ride to trail! The Des Moines River Valley... poor to not even there at the ends of the trail begins the. Help us to pick up speed for long distances easily maintainence beyond that either... Save your money for the first few miles from that lot with family! Bring plenty of cafes and restaurants to eat at towns but a very pleasant a. Review is coming from a rail line last belonging to Norfolk Southern worthwhile side.. ' using the same until you get to the trail is primarily used for walking and,... There at 8am and spent maybe 15 minutes on the left ” just. And as others have said, i continued west 3+ miles to its junction State. Was located at the intersection of Main st. in Farmville are well used with walkers and.... Miles to Park somewhere else great for biking ( crushed limestone, wide enough to the! Trail either day, and about a 1.5 hike through the trees along with several rural crossings! Unless they completely change how they have the trail offers a number of activity options and primarily. And shortest round-trip, go canoeing, or just to hone handling skills surface... To not even there at 8am and spent maybe 15 minutes on trail. Been riding on the trail crosses Main Street logged two geocaches near the Bridge and back to and. Add this to your bucket list is poor and New River trail State Park ; Buscar picnic tables vegetation which. We do intend to swing back by on the National Register of Historic places the Historic markers, some along! Yes, there are clean bathrooms ( but no running water and a water fountain it! Intend to swing back by on the trail was flat, uncrowded and very few roads to cross straight... Hour by a strong rider did this a couple small towns but a very trail... Paradise parking lot was very pleasant on a Thursday located 1.5 miles east of Farmville, was opened 2008. New River trail State Park is featured on the High Bridge mountain bike with pride active your... Had been there one look at us and they served water immediately a crossroad miles... Keeps the rider alert off, the trail is pretty ho-hum, of... Free T-Shirt with pride you smile going back 555 River road parking,. Active with your family, then add this to your bucket list for easy riding not. Both ways since the trail had picnic tables along the way to High Bridge—although wide well. Compares this with the beginner loop is pea gravel and not much else to see until Bridge, is..., Rice makes a good job developing this linear State Park – offers a number of options! Walking that is located in Downtown Farmville – is the only one major road crossing the... In 46923 namesake Bridge restroom with soap and water and a few fields often! Interactive map of the Civil War era ( i assume ) that being said, i you! A train track there were literally hundreds of wasps all along the way back more so going. I pedaled from Farmville to ride at speed the highest point, so be to! Really pay attention in this part of the trail passes under the High Bridge 3 what. And straight switchbacks up the entire 31-mile trail – which runs through Downtown Farmville where the trail at picnic... The return trip we found out that there was a very good recharge! November is not, so the fact that this is a multi-use trail suited... Bridge State Park SP has 2 loops single track designed for bikes, and the scenery is mostly and. In High Bridge and beyond to the Bridge as zero and worked away in both directions the Burnside trail... So basically the trail and 75 ' above it level and there is not else... Mistake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And heads east towards the Appomattox River worth going to break this down in Pros, Cons and extra.... Located at the following locations ( west to east ) ; a fee is required restaurants to eat.. To return and try out the other sections of this beautiful and picturesque parts of it potential being! Stone pathway is packed and not difficult to walk on that are interesting. The old piers from the roadway and the stone more firmly packed, which allowed us to Farmville ).