Piscine Puzzler

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Updated: June 20, 2001


Here is a little something to rattle your brain while you're cleaning tanks...

I have five fish tanks sitting on a shelf. Each tank is a different size, has a different color gravel, contains a different species of cichlid, and a different kind of aquatic plant. Each of the cichlids eats a different type of food.

From the following clues, can you tell me which fish lives in the 75 gallon tank?


  1. The convict has speckled gravel in his tank.
  2. The angelfish is in a 40 gallon tank.
  3. The ram eats flakes.
  4. The tank with the sand is to the left of the tank with white gravel.
  5. The resident of the sandy tank eats pellets.
  6. The 30 gallon tank has only plastic Vallisneria plants
  7. The tank with brown gravel has pennywort (a plant).
  8. The fish with the speckled gravel eats brine shrimp.
  9. The oscar lives in the leftmost (first) tank.
  10. The lace plant is the tank next to the 50 gallon tank.
  11. The fish in the 20 gallon tank lives next to the pennywort tank.
  12. The fish with the swordplant eats microworms.
  13. The only plant in the tropheus tank is algae.
  14. The oscar lives next to the tank with the black gravel.
  15. The fish with the lace plant has a neighbor that eats only goldfish.

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