Cichlids in Nicaragua: The Fishes

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Updated: June 26, 2001


Overview of the Fishes

The fish fauna of the the two lakes I visited in Nicaragua are strikingly different. Lake Xiloa has a diverse fauna, consisting of at least x cichlids, a sleeper goby and a few other miscellaneous fishes.

The Cichlids

There are at least nine species of cichlids in Lake Xiloa and two species in Lake Apoyo.

 Archocentrus nigrofasciatus pair (female on right) Archocentrus centrarchus Astatheros longimanus

Astatheros rostratus male. Photo from Costa Rica) Hypsophrys nicaraguense pair Neetroplus nematopus pair (photo from Costa Rica)

 no photo (yet!)
Amphilophus citrinellum "barlowi" adults with fry  Parachromis managuensis Parachromis dovii female (photo from Costa Rica)


Sleeper Goby

Miscellaneous Fishes



List of fishes found at Lake Xiloa

The following chart is incomplete

Family Species Common Name Occurence
Cichlidae   cichlids  
  Archocentrus centrarchus  
  Archocentrus nigrofasciatus convict  
  Astatheros longimanus rose-breast cichlid  
  Astatheros rostratus    
  Hypsophrys nicaraguensis    
  Neetroplus nematopus    
  Amphilophus citrinellum midas cichlid  
  Parachromis dovii guapote; Wolf cichlid  
  Parachromis managuense guapote; Jaguar cichlid  


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