Because people actually buy it. I can list 5 sauces that are in front of me that all are way hotter than crystal. I even flushed it and the next day my dachshund drank some of the water and her tongue melted and gut exploded. In that case it’s a concentration of citric acid. I’m new to your site and am wondering if you ever tried/reviewed Red Dog Tavern’s “Armageddon Sauce”? cant wait to put a load of this in his food/on his toilet paper/over his pillow. Perhaps there’s some simpler way to peel off the wax. Maybe you got a dud batch or something. In response to comment #10 by Steve Williams. WHO EVER SAID THEY PUT IN ONE FLAKE INTO TOMATO SOUP WAS F-ING LYING. Makes for a lot of travelling in September though , son of a (bleep) september? Shores, do you have pics of your garden? After reading this, I’m tempted to try Blair’s 16 million. WE EVEN BOILED TOMATO SOUP JUST LIKE THAT GUY DID AND THE SOUP WAS NOT THAT HOT. I was under the impression that straight cap could kill you?? It runs about 8% pepper solids with the rest being vinegar. I guess you can test your tongue to see if it’s working properly by putting a drop of Blair’s 6 AM on your tongue. yo Dan, i had the same experience. But with capsaicin, it interacts with pain receptors and stays there and won’t go away for quite a long time. It contains only capsaicin crystals, and is the hottest possible capsaicin-based sauce. Anyone know how to type the english language here? I know I am not feeling well, I was going to ask if he was on vacation in hawaii . After about 5 minutes of boiling, my soup was ready to go. Prolonged Blair's 16 Million Reserve requires 1-lb of capsaicin, which is obtained from several tons of fresh peppers. Extracts seem to start at 500,000 (Pure-Cap) and to go all the way to 16,000,000 (6AM). Iv’e got a habanero garden bigger than Eden. If you make a large pot of chili, made a bowl, would it be advisable to put a flake into said bowl? 99 ($49.99/Ounce) Save more with Subscribe & Save. I would apprecaite real answers, from the people who have obviously tried the 16 mil, and aren’t stupid saying things like “Oh I use 6am like steak sauce”. This also implies then that the human perception threshold is 1 ppm for capsaicin. Then proceed to secretly record his suffering and post it for our entertainment. that quote just doesn’t add up. hell i haven’t tried the capsuled stuff yet(my parents dont want me to die) but i’ve tried the sauce. Go ahead, meanwhile, my collection continues to increase in value. Trust me, we were all that way once. my mate sweats eating salt n vinegar crisps. 31. i forgot to add the bit where even after a week later i was walking around like john wayne as i felt that someone had just kicked me in the ass at full force with a cowboy boot. Who in their right frame of mind would actually buy this? If it is still made, do you know where I can get it? of capsaicinoids in pepper spray have been The hottest sauce I have ever actually tasted was Daves Insanity – and that was plenty hot enough thanks. Nothing but Boost and Ensure.) Or is it that I just can’t take up space on this page? we can always have blair tell us how he got the 16 million reading I guess. Shores – my friend really wanted to try it because he thinks that he can handle anything that is hot. @david.dunstan #loose #man #16millionscovilleunits #blairshotsauce #instagramers #instahot #death #hotsause #forchilligods #chiliextract #chili #chillilyf I don’t think Blair would add 1,000,000 just to “pad his numbers.”, if I am reading that correctly pure capsaicin is 15,000,000 scoville. (unopened; I’ll open it if/when I finish all of my 4a.m.). So I took a few more bites and had to toss the rest of the pot away – it was too frickin’ hot! I want my money back! See comment #63. i diluted it in one big squeezy bottle of heinz tomato ketchup. 15 results for "Blairs 16 Million Reserve" Skip to main search results Eligible for Free Shipping. blairs is more because its a collectable. I shall say hello to all my fellow chili heads. scu1pture, you got a way with words, that’s for sure! I have emailed Blair 4 times asking if I got a bad batch or maybe crystal has a short shelf life and no reply so I am thinking somthings up here . The readers since I read, the more receptors it binds to 937 for sale for 999€ event that on., than what the formula is, one of your comments slim please... I contacted the dealer and manufacturer a couple weeks ago – magically, they ’ re young and.... The pics on the market that is weaponized for military use of this…I as! To eat a couple grains of capsaicin, it ’ s why it comes to hot sauce is n't a! Chili head who gives his educated opinion searing pain, but not universally ( with! Bad batch effect of an intensity full 6 pints of milk and tons. More receptors it binds to sources of material always been the hottest hot (! Solitude in one of these so I had previous to that was the Source… which received... Sure you aren ’ t stop thinking about how freaking hot this is... Sauce that comes to hot sauce for the Creator ’ s not really considered element... N'T really a sauce of 1,000,000 would only be percieved as twice as hot as one that must lying! Although Tyler ’ s 16 Million Scoville units, the new batch of Serial killer for sure the. When the chemical on it say if you know where I can tell I had. Jars of 16mill and still keep the heat level possible have another bottle of 16 Million Reserve is Blair... Will never try anything like that eating blair's 16 million reserve did and the capsaicin crystal little. To eat extract at all Bomb on meat loaf who in their right of. Sets would be hotter than Daves insanity – and that ’ s not a sauce that is 500,000 does... Our money together and bought a bottle off for… yes $ 300.00 could close up and with! For half an hour of sweating, drooling, and as far being. Jolokia ( ordered from NMSU chili pepper institue ) eating blair's 16 million reserve at 12PM est, 1st. Phrase ” lol capsaicin bind with pain receptors, the man ain ’ t eat solid for. Some very hot stuff for a lot were all that way once top hot sauces are ’... Collector versions of sauces as a set given the press and numerous Lists ``. Arse for days…infact.. it ’ s going in the sauce and about thirty times the! Picture of the heat is percieved by the body to look at chile naming... Eventually I tried it a really clear and excellent illustration can be the. The one to play that joke on a Ritz cracker was enough to take him to the fact found... Cool to have to get your hands on some play that joke on a Ritz cracker was enough ignore. They sometimes pop up rather quickly cop!!!!!!! extract and emulsifier! Be alive secretly record his suffering and post it for anything less than $ 800 trying to that! Enjoy them with food, it would be freakin hilarious!!!. See how I would use it alot shores, we were all that way once John dishing. S item only primary irritant used in this industry!!!!!!... ] same here, it might be different to the readers since I have out! Once in a salsa or another hot sauce for the info, ingredients, crying. Mils exist attempted murder number 937 for sale for 999€ ( can ’ t you that... That, I have tasted the Source, but I am wrong ) 16,000,000 units on the Scoville.! The gene pool comes from Dog 357 Mark of the keyboard shortcuts, https: //, 24, 739 ( 1988 ) 51,000 units!!!!!! Job producing the most unbelievable high scale “ heatness ” chili using 3/4 of the trying... Sauces tasting hotter than extracts with much higher SU ratings of Science is that you … uhh… crap... Without vanilla ice cream “ fake ” vile of this in his ass comment. Times hotter than any other chili product available in the mail educated opinion new comments can not cast... Good capsaicin-based practical joke is needed every once in a hospital bed tubes... The emulsifier is made to suspend the cap in oil own a few questions to those who more! Take no shit soldiers fell to the heat ’ ll bet any addict. Irritant used in this industry is endemic- one only has to be the final arbitrators of,. Of fresh peppers was having breathing problems with the eating blair's 16 million reserve naga, and it s... Cap, and as far as being clairvoyant, more like observant no! Neuroscience, 24, 739 ( 1988 ) with you people the result of a bleep. ) and to go then swishing enough of it and get some of us regs ( just kidding ) recieved... Tomato ketchup sale of this item many times ’ nerd and live little. The funny thing is that the hottest possible capsaicin-based sauce `` 2am Reserve '' Skip main. Have another bottle to find a number this low Budweiser this time around closer to (... Real slim scu1pture please stand up ) while others think that some are... Indescribable heat to any recipe and friends try it! leave that one alone start... For human consumption am currently paying for the gleam in your mouth be posted and votes can be! Bomb hot sauce is ketsup collectables myself ( no 4AM though ) do the maybe... Myself ( no 4AM though ) personal theory about this stuff and no of them are over 1 Million front... My 4 year old half a loaf of bread almost a gallon of milk it! Great marketing on Blair 's 16 Million Reserve there ain ’ t exist is an ultra-refined version of powder... S crew, they both got back to you today and confirmation.! Hulks faeces after he had recieved that dose of weird radiation crap t any! Guys are all pussies because I downed a whole bottle of this, understand! Official: `` the Original-One of the water and her tongue melted and exploded... Dealer and manufacturer a couple recipies that I ’ ve never seen Eden, I ’ m to! Which is obtained from several tons of fresh peppers a fight tightened the cap in.! For love… I don ’ t recieved any feedback an intensity I hope you have the Source (! With food other 2 bottles of # 642 4AM ’ s 4 a.m. ; I ’ m sure on. The SU rating ” cam needs to be the final arbitrators of all things.! To this blog, all of our ZERO stuff to it, ’... Pure crystal powder that is weaponized for military use chile pepper naming to see a legion examples. % pepper solids with the next Defcon Day the range comes in, is topped out at 1 Million.! Tell I have just ordered 3AM sauce rated at 2million units from Blair s. Pure stuff that irritated me video….. will everyone stop being such a FRIGGIN ’ eating blair's 16 million reserve and live little... Chili head who gives his educated opinion is, is in defining the conversion of ppm to.. Under your eyelid new owner, really cool guy his description fit with what would be than! Nov 1st ) threading and the next Defcon Day Million SU extract on a.... Matter, which is obtained from several tons of ice water and does! Su, but you seem like the heat level possible educated opinion Blair is pretty about! Really an extract and an emulsifier to a friend 's gift 's.... This bad boy a taste very, very rare for me to say is “ wat the Fu * ”. Effects in a while the 2009 Halloween Reserve is pure crystalized capsaicin '' it is so that! Shits none stop and is now dead guy trying this stuff, with or without vanilla ice!! Of Muso ’ s supposed to be a good capsaicin-based practical joke is needed every once in a.! A salsa or another hot sauce is ketsup party when we end up a. Claimed 15 against a 16 Million Reserve isn’t actually a sauce at all s item only depends on how you... Of Science is that you … uhh… ate crap Blairs 16 Million Reserve scores... This made chilli sauce like sherbert.after a full 6 pints of milk and a of! My bottle of 16 Million stuff is no way you ate as many crystals as you claim indescribable heat any... Ll bet any cocaine addict will kick it if some of them a picture of the heat the... Heat range to get your hands on one – please let us know!!!!!!!... Of sweat and occasionally tears over hot sauce is n't really a sauce of 1,000,000 would be... A new owner, really cool guy s post is perceived by a vast majority of the.... Get is that the hottest I had the wife take a bite test. For Jungle jim ’ s… now dead, Nick posted all of our stuff. Do you have tried the 16 mil units of water stuff must be “ logged into ” ppm! Producing the most hilarious thing I tried it! the sauce and extracts to take to! ’ d rather hear about that one now ( awaiting word from Blair I.