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Updated: March 5, 2006

Here are some magazines and videos to consider.

Disclosure: I have noted where I (Ron Coleman) have a personal interest in these products. I would recommend them even if I did not.

Akwaforum (in Polish)

This is a new magazine, published entirely in Polish. I do not speak or read Polish, but the layout of the magazine is very attractive. Akwaforum website

Akwaforum translated and published several of my articles on current issues in cichlid research originally written for Cichlid News magazine (my "Cichlids and Science" column).



Aquarium Fish Magazine (AFM)

Many issues have articles on cichlids and Paul Loiselle writes the Cichlid Forum column in every issue. Mark Smith has written many articles on cichlids in AFM as have a number of other knowledgeable cichlid authors. AFM website

I have never written for AFM, though I may someday.


Cichlid News magazine

Cichlid News is 40 pages of articles and photos completely devoted to cichlids. It comes out four times a year. You can order a subscription from the following address:

Cichlid News
P.O. Box 522842, Miami, FL 33152
Tel: 305-593-0088
Within US: $25 (1 year), $48 (2 years)
Canada and Mexico: $35 (1 year), $58 (2 years)
Elsewhere: $45 (1 year), $88 (2 years)
Must be prepaid in US funds

Cichlid News website

I write a column in Cichlid News entitled Cichlids and Science in which I discuss recent scientific publications about cichlids. If you are seriously interested in cichlids, I highly recommend Cichlid News magazine.


Freshwater and Marine Aquarium (FAMA) magazine

Issues often have articles on cichlids. FAMA homepage

I occassionally write book reviews for FAMA. My most recent appeared in the January 2000 issue.


Tropical Fish Hobbyist (TFH) magazine

TFH is an excellent general aquarist magazine and each issue features one or more articles about cichlids. TFH website

I have written a single article for TFH and will probably write more.





National Geographic Society Video: Jewel of the Rift

This is an excellent three part series. The show originally aired around 1997 but is periodically rebroadcast. The second part, on Lake Tanganyika, focusses on the cichlids and has lots of great footage of cichlids in the wild, including mouthbrooding and parasitism by catfish. It may be out of print now, but you can try to order a copy of the video by calling 1-800-828-4PBS or try their website. ISBN is 0-7922-3805-2. Or try, they had it at one time. Sometimes, it is available only as part of the whole "Heart of Africa" series, i.e. you have to buy all three videos.

Disclaimer: I had a small part to do with the final editing and if you look very carefully my name flashes by in the credits at the end, but I have no financial interest in this production. I think it is excellent.



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