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Updated: July 5, 2000

[View of synspillum 

Cichlasoma synspillum wrigglers.

Danny Kent of the Vancouver Public Aquarium (Vancouver, B.C., Canada) is an excellent illustrater of larval fish. Larval fish often display characteristic patterns of pigment cells which appear haphazard to most of us. To the trained eye, however, these blotches are in exact spots and can be used to identify species at a very early point in their life. Creating illustrations is one way to record the number and location of these spots. This is a painstaking job that requires both skill and patience. Recently Danny has become interested in illustrating the early life history stages of cichlids. Considering the number of species, their wide distribution and importance it is surprising that there are a scant few illustrations of larval fishes in the literature. It is Danny's hope to increase that number dramatically. More to come...

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