This is a conversion calculator that is used to convert the volume in cubic feet (ft 3) to volume in gallons (gal).It has a single text field and a control button that perform an independent function of the calculator. One cubic foot equals 7.48 U.S. liquid gallons, 6.48 U.S. dry gallons or 6.23 imperial gallons. cubic foot . Using this rule of thumb, a typical 500 square foot pool may lose about 78 gallons of water per day. ), and the amount of actual chemical applied per unit area (ounces, pints, or quarts per acre or 1,000 square feet). ft. at 12” of depth, or 66 sq. Our tool is sometimes called the pool size calculator or pool gallon calculator because it works with any units, not just with metric. One cubic foot of water contains 7.48 gallons. Cubic feet can also be used to measure the volume or capacity of a container with dry gallons. This means that for a US gallon of water at room temperature, the weight would be around 8.33 pounds. It could be a U.S. liquid gallon, or wine gallon, a U.S. dry gallon, formerly known as the corn gallon or an imperial gallon. Step 6 Divide the number of gallons of water the washing machine uses by the capacity in cubic feet to determine the water, factor which indicates the how efficiently the machine uses water. One gallon of water weighs 8.33 pounds. Multiply the roof dimensions by the number of inches of rainfall. Conversion base : 1 gallon = 0.16054365323589 ft 3. There may be some pool owners that don't know the square footage of their … making this calculator quite versatile. To do that, you need to know four different numbers: the length, width, average depth, and a multiplier for your type of pool. ft. that is 4 inches deep in water, you have 500 sq feet time .33333 to give you cubic feet of water. Cubic Feet to Gallons (How many gallons in a cubic foot?) Let's say that the pool is 12 ft wide and 50 ft long. The average washing machine uses 41 gallons per load, if you have a water-efficient machine, enter the gallons used by your machine ... Gallons Per Month CCF (100 cubic feet) Bi-Monthly: ... You can find your actual water consumption on the bill and compare it to the calculator. Tank ... to calculate cubic feet: First, calculate the cubic feet, then click below to calculate gallons. Traditional turfs require a minimum of one inch of water per week during the growing season and each 1,000 sq. The pool calculator shows the volume of water needed to fill up the pool. Since Btu ratings on heaters are per hour, multiply by 60 (60 minutes in an hour) for Btu’s per hour, per gallon, per minute. The equation used is V = πr2h. Converting this to gallons per minute per square foot (GPM /ft 2): 144 sq .in. The result is 9,395 gallons. Calculating the weight of water ft 3. gallon (imperial) 6.2288354590428 gallon Conversion base : 1 ft 3 = 6.2288354590428 gallon. of water in a gallon = 0.623 gallons per hour. 2.Every square foot of roof space collects .6 gallons of water in a 1 inch rainfall. In our case, it's 22,441.57 US gallons. 1 cubic feet to gallon = 7.48052 gallon. You need to apply a grub control insecticide over 4800 square feet. I don't know how you would calculate otherwise. 0.623 gph / 60 = 0.0104 gallons per … This gives the amount of energy required to heat the water (assuming a 100% efficient heater). Re: sqare feet to gallons by Robert Fogt on 09/30/05 at 01:25:33 About all I can think of to do, is calculate the square footage of the entire water system, then divide by 600 to get the square foot/gallon factor. At room temperature (70°F / 21°C), the density of water is 0.99802 g/ml. The answer is about 623 gallons. ft. of lawn requires 624 gallons of water to receive one inch of water. Rainfall calculator (English units) How much water falls during a storm? 1000 gallons? (So, a 50' x 20' roof is 600" x 240".) One cubic foot of water weighs 62.4 pounds. For instance, 2 cubic feet of water in a washer would be 2 x 7.48 = 14.96 gallons. Water is flowing through the channel at an average velocity of 16 feet per second. How much water and how much insecticide is needed? In metric terms a cubic foot is a cube with sides 0.3048 metres in length. of water / 231 sq .in. Move 1 gallon per minute then you need 8.34 Btu’s per gallon per minute. Cubic Feet. Drip Calculator. Well if you have 500 sq. Unlike other calculators, you are NOT confined to inputting diameter in inches, velocity in miles per hour, etc. Calculate Evaporation Using Mathematical Equations Try our cubic footage calculator to calculate the volume of a space. ›› Quick conversion chart of cubic feet to gallon. Water needed: 4800 ft2 / 200 ft2 per gal = 24 gal. The label instructions say to apply 1 gallon of water and 4 teaspoons of insecticide for each 200 square feet. 1 US Gallon = 231 cubic inches. Use this to figure the Volume of a Square or Rectangular Tank. For example, 1 cubic foot can be written as 1 ft³, 1 cu foot, 1 cu ft, or 1 CF. In the US, a gallon is equivalent to 128 fluid ounces or 3.785 liters (American spelling). ... enter depth: Click on button to calculate cubic feet: Click on button to calculate gallons: Formula: 3.1417 x R² x D = Cubic Feet **** Cubic ft x 7.47 ... Click on button to calculate volume of water (gallons) Water/Wastewater math calculator. 12” depth - A basin or dry stream bed that is approximately 6 feet by 6 feet, or a dry stream bed that is 3 feet wide x 11 feet long. 6” depth - Double the size. 5 cubic feet to gallon = 37.4026 gallon. 100 gallons? Switch units Starting unit. To calculate gallons per cubic foot, specify first the type of gallon. There are 231 cubic inches in a gallon so this is then divided by 231 which gives us the estimated amount of gallons currently in your well. This is multiplied by .6233 gallons, the estimated amount of water that covers one square foot one inch deep. Multiply 1,256 cubic feet by 7.48 to calculate gallons for this circular pond. Use our metric-system version.. 10 cubic feet to gallon = 74.80519 gallon. 400 sq foot roof x .62 = 248 gallons; 248/7.48 = 33 sq. Let's say we have a circular channel that has an inner diameter of 8 inches. (This is often rounded off to .62 in some water loss calculators.) 1) Water is flowing at 36 inches per second and at a rate of 1.0472 cubic feet per second. Use our metric-system version.. A cubic foot also equals 6 dry gallons and about 3.42 dry pints. 1 imperial gallon = 0.16054366 cubic feet It's important to remember that the US gallon and UK gallon are different sizes. Rainfall calculator (English units) How much water falls during a storm? Use this page to learn how to convert between cubic feet and gallons. If you can calculate pool volume from square footage and average depth of the pool then you can get a good estimate for square footage of the pool from pool volume and average depth. ft. at 6”. It is the middle of July in Georgia, and both you and your tomatoes are wilting in your yard, both looking to the sky and hoping for rain. Quickly and easily convert cubic feet into gallons with the press of a button. In order to figure out proper doses of chemicals for your pool, you need to accurately determine how many gallons of water it holds. Q = flow rate; gallons per hour K = one square foot-inch of water = 0.62 gallons per square foot to get the conversion factor divide 0.62 / 60 = 0.011167 (dividing a foot-inch by 60 minutes per hour) application rate inch per hour = flow rate (gallons per minute) ÷ 0.011167 area in square feet Example calculation: An online drip calculator that calculates the amount of waste from your leaky faucets. A cubic foot is sometimes also referred to as a cubic ft. Cubic feet can be abbreviated as ft³, and are also sometimes abbreviated as cu foot, cu ft, or CF.