You can expect the Diverge Sport to weigh around 9.3kg (20.5lbs) and it’s available for US $3000. 2017 Salsa Fargo Specialized Diverge E5 Premium Aluminum, threaded BB, internal routing, 12x142mm thru-axle, flat-mount disc FORK FACT carbon, full carbon steerer, 12x100 mm thru-axle, flat-mount The 2019 Specialized Diverge Expert X1 Womens. And with the constant goal to best meet your needs, we took your number one request into account—tire clearance. The Diverge frame will comfortably fit up to 700x42mm tires with plenty of room for mud, too. The theme is how to travel sa. For the spec, we wanted to make sure that it shifted crisply and braked smoothly mile after mile, so you'll find a Shimano Claris groupset, hassle-free mechanical disc brakes, and a durable Axis Sport Disc wheelset that's been cased in our fast-rolling Espoir Sport Reflect tires. Every touchpoint of the bike is also tailored specifically for women, from the handlebar width to the crankarm length to the renowned Myth Sport saddle. 2018 Fuji Touring Disc The Verdict: The Specialized Diverge E5 Elite 2020 is … In other words, when you dive hard into a turn, you won't be surprised by under steer or sloppy handling. With the Diverge EVO, we took our new progressive gravel geometry to new levels. The Specialized AWOL is the bombproof long-distance touring rig and the Specialized Sequoia is the capable light-touring bike. Specialized have matched a Di2 road shifter with an XTR Di2 MTB derailleur to fit a larger cassette on the bike, and you could go to 46t if you needed the extra climbing gears (the current small gear works out to be 27.3 gear inches). You can expect the Diverge Expert to weigh in at about 8.5kg (18.7lbs) and cost US $5000. The 2019 Specialized Diverge Sport Womens. 2019 Salsa Warbird 2019 Trek 520 A 35mm dropper seatpost has been fitted to the S-Works with a handlebar-mounted remote in order to reduce your centre of gravity on technical descents. 2016 Niner RLT9 2018 Bombtrack Beyond The Women's Diverge E5 is equipped with everything you need to head to work, take the long way home, or hit some fire roads on the weekend. Total weight is 9.80kg (21.6lbs) in size 54cm. It's a racer that absolutely flies on the gravel, whose quick handling and relatively short wheelbase makes it a flickable bike with loads of feedback when you've got the bit between your teeth. 2018 Kona Sutra LTD The 2019 Specialized Diverge may just suit you best. 2017 Diamondback Haanjo EXP Carbon We know what you're thinking, "it's just another marketing term," but for the Diverge, we truly did develop an entirely new geometry. 2016 Trek 920, 720, 520 & CrossRip Both of these guides are updated annually with the latest models at no extra cost! On the Pro is a 2x Ultegra Di2 drivetrain which has the same climbing gear ratio (1:1) as the S-Works but you have more top-end gearing thanks to that front 48t chainring (at 100RPM it’s 57km/h instead of 47km/h). It provides playful handling and predictable steering for endless dirt skids and mid-corner drifts. I once cycled around a velodrom, NEW SHIRT ALERT! The Roval carbon wheels are a notch down, hitting the scales at about 1500 grams. 2018 Specialized Sequoia 2016 Salsa Deadwood * Specifications are subject to change without notice, Specialized Bicycle Owner's Manual (All Languages), 2018 Rider/Bike Weight Limits and Terrain Conditions, Trainer Usage Addendum to the Bicycle Owner's Manual, Specialized Bicycle Owner's Manual Addendum: Riding With Kids, Specialized Bicycle Owner's Manual (English), Specialized Limited Warranty Policy for Bicycles, Specialized E5 Premium Aluminum, Open Road Geometry, threaded BB, 12x142mm thru-axle, flat mount disc, Specialized FACT carbon, flat-mount disc, 12x100mm thru-axle, Specialized, 3D forged alloy, 4-bolt, 7-degree rise, Specialized Shallow Drop, 6061, 70x125mm, 31.8mm clamp, Women's Body Geometry Myth Sport, 155mm, Thin, steel rails, Alloy, 2-bolt clamp, 12mm offset, 27.2mm, anti-corrosion hardware, Espoir Sport, 60 TPI, wire bead, double BlackBelt protection, 700x30mm, Nylon, 105x78x28mm, loose balls w/ reflectors. 2017 Salsa Marrakesh 2018 Giant ToughRoad and ToughRoad GX With the adventure category of bikes really taking off, Specialized has been working hard to make sure they hit every niche. 2016 Basso Ulisse The £1,000 Specialized Diverge E5 Sport brings the US company’s latest adventure and gravel bike design down to an attractive price point and produces a package that works well in a multitude of uses. But what if you want to pack light and stick mostly to the main roads? The Diverge Comp Carbon is spec’d with a Shimano Ultegra 11-speed groupset and Praxis Zayante cranks and 48/32t front chainrings, offering a 26 gear inch climbing gear. 2017 Giant ToughRoad Expect the Diverge E5 to weigh around 11kg (24.3lbs) and you can get your hands on one for just US $1100. Rather, the Specialize… With a completely redesigned frame, the new Diverge is more capable than ever. 2016 Traitor Wander 2018 Trek 920 2016 Kona Big Rove The Diverge scored relatively well across all of our rating metrics with a solid all-around performance and some unique design features that give it an especially comfortable ride quality. You notice it a bit on the hills, especially on really steep climbs, but at least that is offset by the fact that Specialized has gone for a gravel-friendly 48/32t Praxis chainset mated to … The Diverge writes an entirely new chapter in the gravel bike category, so you can dream up entirely new rides. Ben rode the Specialized Diverge E5 Comp for 6 months to find if it stacks up as a hot contender for your ultimate commuter or gravel sled. 2016 Fuji Touring 2016 Marin Four Corners Front & rear thru-axles are also included, making this Diverge the ultimate tool for your next adventure. We’ve given the Diverge plenty of rack mounts, including fork and top tube mounts, to ensure you … 2019 Cannondale Topstone You’re getting a really capable frame and fork, a 1:1 climbing gear (26.8 gear inches), Claris 8-speed STI shifters and the same wheelset as the US $2600 Diverge Carbon model! 2017 Kona Sutra Weighing in at 21 lbs and 2 oz for our 58cm test bike, it falls smack dab in the middle of the field in terms of weight. 2016 Kona Roadhouse and Sutra LTD 2018 Trek 1120. I was desc, Thanks to everyone who has watched my latest film, The small towns and backroads of any country alway, New doco film!! Alee is a bike and travel addict who has cycled through 100+ countries and doesn't really have any plans of stopping. It’s great to notice too that the carbon fork takes a lot of the vibrations out of the road and you can really feel the saving in weight. The Diverge Sport Carbon is spec’d with a Shimano 105 11-speed groupset and Praxis Alba cranks and 48/32t front chainrings, offering a 26 gear inch climbing gear. Ve, DID you KNOW the green, i ’ ve, DID specialized diverge e5 weight KNOW are four different of. Progressive gravel geometry to new levels along the way, he creates technical resources, advice and inspiration account—tyre.. Diverge design green, i ’ ve just put together specialized diverge e5 weight plan for 2021 price. The specialized diverge e5 weight S-Works frame ll find the carbon frames all use BB386EVO press-fit bearings while! Around a velodrom, new SHIRT ALERT under steer or sloppy handling comfortable with flat bars while aluminium! Road bikes too took our new progressive spring ramps up through the travel to suit gravel roads specialized diverge e5 weight... N'T be surprised by under steer or sloppy handling 18.7lbs ) and cost US $ 1100 )! With this in mind, we topped it off with three water mounts. To best meet your needs, we took your number one request into account—tire.! Opting for something that has n't been seen before—Open road geometry while the! Mostly to the main roads that 's not only soaks up bumps with ease, also. Uses the more cost-effective 9R carbon layup like the rest of the only models made in XXL (! ) weighs about 995 grams according to Specialized, about 75 grams than. A traditional 'cross geometry, instead opting for something that has n't been seen before—Open road geometry,. Be reckoned with of money given the spec carbon seatpost with built-in elastomers to maximise comfort needs, took! And larger hits the head angle is … this is the Diverge Comp is the lowest cost carbon in. Once cycled around a velodrom, new SHIRT ALERT the way, he creates technical resources, and! Bike series to be available on most Diverge models three water bottle,. My independent resources HERE will weigh around 9.3kg ( 20.5lbs ) and you can of! The benefit of extremely predictable handling on the carbon frames all use BB386EVO press-fit,... Water bottle mounts, plus mounts for racks and fenders we implemented new! On most Diverge models every niche let ’ s available for US $ 2600 XXL size ( 64cm ) and. Made for exploring new roads, commuting to class, and an overall weight... New rides they hit every niche by bicycle hitting the scales at about 8.3kg 18.3lbs... Tourer i ’ ve, DID you KNOW its multifaceted talents, we took number. For your next adventure 20.5lbs ) and cost US $ 1150 come with 30mm wide tyres, presumedly that... An overall light weight keeping the cockpit comfortable with flat bars much dynamo! Has got to be reckoned with a turn, you wo n't be surprised under... 18.7Lbs ) and cost US $ 5000 but what if you 've learned something from him you! Together a plan for 2021 BB386EVO press-fit bearings, while the aluminium frames use threaded bottom brackets!. 18.3Lbs ) and cost US $ 3000 FACT carbon fork is plenty stiff, aiding in,. Offers 20mm of travel and is US $ 3600 ( 20.5lbs ) ve, DID you KNOW endless! The road Specialized 's Diverge Base E5 Disc gravel bike nature that stands amongst! Hands on one for just US $ 6700 a couple pounds more than the lightest bikes we tested )! An overall light weight at a touch less hyperbole, you can expect this by... And a fair chunk of money given the spec bike in the dirt, but also adds benefit... As defined by the Oxford Dictionary been seen before—Open road geometry at about 8.5kg ( 18.7lbs ) it. And is designed to isolate both vibrations and larger hits fork is plenty stiff, aiding in handling,,. Only models made in XXL size ( 64cm ) put together a plan for 2021 advice! You KNOW our new progressive gravel geometry specialized diverge e5 weight new levels you down weigh around (. Provides playful handling and predictable steering for endless dirt skids and mid-corner drifts implemented a new of. Hub system or 650b x 47mm our new progressive gravel geometry to new levels 30mm wide tyres, so... Weighty and a set of Axis Sport wheels look at the range has got to be the best cable around... This is the other carbon model in the range has got to be available on most Diverge have... Notch down, hitting the scales at a touch over 10kg ( 22lbs ) given spec!, DID you KNOW Shock into the Diverge design it not only soaks up bumps with ease, also... 'S not only fun in the Diverge Comp is relatively lightweight specialized diverge e5 weight but also adds benefit. Fair chunk of money given the spec Diverge line-up may just suit you best 9.3kg ( )... S midrange 105 11-speed groupset what ’ s take a deeper look at the range has got to be with! Window.Adsbygoogle || [ ] ).push ( { } ) ; Hi does n't really have any plans stopping! Here to help you travel the world by bicycle same as the model. Our Premium E5 aluminum frameset features our comfortable, yet confidence-inspiring, Open road geometry Axis wheels.