ACA 1999 Convention Photographs

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Updated: June 23, 2001


The 1999 American Cichlid Association Convention was held from July 8-11 in Detroit, Michigan, hosted by the Michigan Cichlid Association. Thanks go to Phil Benes and his crew for a fine job.

This year's (2001) convention will be July 12-156 in New Jersey. Check it out. I hope to see you there.


Fish from the Show

There were many beautiful fish in the show. I took a few photographs at the show and on the field trip to the Belle Isle Aquarium. The fish shown aren't necessarily the winners in their respective classes, they are fish that both caught my eye and showed up well enough on film to display here. Remember that these fish are in "show tanks", and not generally conducive to good photography. If anyone has any more information on exactly which fish these are and who owns them, I would be grateful to hear from you, and I will post the information along with the photo.


Aequidens sapayensis ?  
Aulonacara jacobfreibergi  
Thorichthys aureum  
Theraps wesseli  Jeff Natterer
Cyprichromis leptosoma  
Cyprichromis leptosoma  
Ptychochromis sp. East Coast Gold  
Crenicichla spp.
(Orange pike)
Ron Georgeone
Archocentrus spinosissimus  


The Belle Island Aquarium Field Trip

The Belle Isle Aquarium was really interesting. It is basically an antique of a building housing a small but intriguing collection of fish, including a number of cichlids. We got to go "behind the scenes" and were treated to the depths of the labyrinthine chambers underlying the display tanks. The place struck me as a great start for a "This Old House" episode, what with many years of alterations tacked on to the aging superstructure and tons of yesteryear's creations lying about in the basement.

Lamprologus brichardi  
Oreochromis esculentas female The female in the middle is holding eggs in her mouth.
Oreochromis esculentas male  
Haplochromis Hippo Point Salmon  
"Cichlasoma" umbriferum female  

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